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Symptoms of Adolescent Sex Leading to Teenage Pregnancy Problem

New Friends: Teenage pregnancy problem usually has its roots in peer pressure and increased encouragement from friends to try unsafe sex and experience sexual pleasures. Most of the time this issue can be easily detected when you start seeing your teenager moving around with new friends, whom you did not know 3d mink hair eyelash . Many of these friends could also come from opposite sex and your teenager starts getting secretive about them. This can be a clear indication of some if not active sexual life.

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Ogioi  Sexual Attraction: Another major giveaway most parents need to be aware of is increased sexual attraction. If your teenager goes red looking at a lucid scene on television, they start staring at good looking person from the opposite sex or change the way they behave in presence of person from opposite sex, then there is a definite sign of your teenager’s sexual awareness. How many times have you noticed your young girl giving suggestive glances or trying to seek attention in front of young guys? How many have you noticed your teenage boy changing his walking style or adjusting his hair or sun glasses in front of young girls? These small mannerisms are definite signs of your teenager’s increased sense of 3d mink hair eyelash .

Only difference is that sometimes these mannerisms could be innocuous attention seeking techniques and some other time they could be serious. As parents you need to differentiate between the two. For example: If your girl is giving suggestive glances, adjusting her top to reveal some flesh or pulling down her stockings, when she sees a group of boys, then it is serious issue and there are more chances of her being sexually active. However, if she just giggles or changes her walking style or frequently pats her 3d mink hair eyelash , then it could be more of attention seeking behaviour and there are less chances of her being sexually active. Understanding this difference is very important as in the first example there are more chances of teenage pregnancy problem or sexual diseases than in the second.

Inquisitiveness: Your teen might suddenly start getting very interested in your schedules. If you work different shifts daily they might like to know when you will leave and the time of arrival. Most adolescent sex happens in the comfort of one’s home and teenagers could be probing about your time and schedule to experiment with sex. When you notice your teenager around at home during times they need to be in school or college then it should be a worrying as they could be experimenting unsafe sex at 3d mink hair eyelash.

Open communication and right sexual education at the right age are the only options we as parents have to deal with this issue. In the book “Solving Teenage Problems”, several tips are provided to deal with adolescent sex and related problems. Teenage pregnancy problem is not only an issue for parents but also for society, as teenagers do not have the maturity to bring up kids. Hence it is very important for parents to give the right education to their kids at the right time.

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The author is a successful marketing executive in a large consumer goods company and a mother of two boys. She has had a rough ride in the past two years and has successfully saved her family from the brink of disaster by working on her parenting techniques. She specialises in parenting tips. You can access her free report “New Parenting Style” or buy her book “Solving Teenage Problems” on 3d mink hair eyelash  or check your “Parent Stress Intensity Quotient” on 3d mink hair eyelash 

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