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Eye Problems You Can Handle

Irritating eye problems usually feel much worse than they really are because the eye tissues are so delicate. And the eyes often need special attention to help clear up the problems. But, fortunately, the special attention can come in the form of simple home strip eyelash private label .

Ogioi  A small swollen nodule on the eyelid is known as a “chalazion”. The nodule comes and goes from time to time and usually is not inflamed, but it can be a little unsightly. Getting rid of small chalazions is as simple as applying hot-cloth compresses to the eyelid in the morning and evening until the swelling goes down. Chalazions that don’t go away might need a small dose of medicine from the eye doctor.

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“Blepharitis” is the inflammation of the edges of the eyelids. The lid look red and inflamed sometimes covered with scaly skin. Sometimes the lids are swollen and the edges look greasy and infected. This eye disease is not dangerous or blinding, it is irritating and embarrassing. The best thing to do for this eye disorder is to hold a hot-cloth compress to the infected eyelid for five minutes a couple of times a day. This helps soften the scaly skin and soothe the irritated glands in the eyelid. You can use a mild, nonirritating baby shampoo to wash the eyelid clean of any loose scales, eyelashes or pus. If the disorder does not clear up, your eye doctor can prescribe an ointment that will help soothe and relieve any inflammation and strip eyelash private label .

Allergic reactions from seasonal allergies are common eye complaints. Red itchy irritated eyes can be found anywhere during pollen season. The best thing to do is to wash the eyes out with artificial tears, an over-the-counter saline solution, to get rid of any irritants and the natural chemical histamine that causes the symptoms of hay fever. Taking antihistamine tablets will also help your body cut down on the amount of histamine it releases, and this will help relieve your irritated eyes.

Keratoconjunctivitis is an eye disorder that sounds more threatening than it really is. This disorder is the inflammation of the conjunctiva, the thin covering of the eyeball. The main symptom of the disorder is dry eyes. Artificial tears, eye drops which are sold over-the-counter, will help keep your eyes moist and clean from any dust and debris.

If you have trouble with your eyes, see your eye doctor right away. But remember that some of the simpler eye irritations can be treated just as well with home remedies.

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