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Sometimes Less Equals More

Natural looking silk lashes mink wholesale is good for any occasion. It is easy to do and does not take too long. Anyone can wear it, from adults to teenagers. It is casual and not too heavy, which makes it perfect to wear to school, the beach, or any day you do not feel like wearing makeup.

silk lashes mink wholesale
silk lashes mink wholesale

Ogioi  To get this casual and simple look you need basic materials you probably have already. Concealer and powder foundation are the main materials. You need a bronze colored blush to give a light glow to your face and liquid eyeliner to make your silk lashes mink wholesale a little bit bigger. Lipstick and lip-gloss are also important, as well as a mirror and two big brushes.

To start, you apply with your ring finger some concealer to cover any dark circles. Did you know that one out of ten people have dark circles under their eyes? The concealer can help you, not to cover them completely, but to hide them a bit. With the same finger you used to apply it, softly spread the concealer under your eyes. Next, you take the powder foundation, and, with one of the big silk lashes mink wholesale, apply it on your face making circular movements with your brush, this will help the foundation blend evenly. Remember also to apply foundation on your jaw line and a small amount on your neck.

When you are done with the foundation, it is time to work on the eyes. Since we are trying to achieve a casual and natural look, it is better not to use eye shadow, but, if you want to, you could use bronze, golden, or pastel colors. Another key factor is eyeliner. It is better to use liquid liner since it is thinner and will help the silk lashes mink wholesale look cleaner. Because it is a natural look, you should only line the upper eyelid. To put a finishing touch apply mascara.

With the bronze blush, you can give your face a natural glow that will make you look sophisticated. Apply it with the second brush on the cheeks. Add a bit of blush on the rest of your face and jaw line too to give your whole face that natural glow. For your silk lashes mink wholesale, apply a nude color lipstick and lip gloss on top, but only on the center of the lips to make them look fuller. Now you are ready.

silk lashes mink wholesale
silk lashes mink wholesale

This look will make your feel beautiful and more like yourself, since the less silk lashes mink wholesale you have on, the more your inner beauty shows. Feel good about yourself with this simple, uncomplicated look for any occasion, and remember that sometimes less equals much more.

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