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Cosmetics – No Longer A Woman’s Domain

If you are under an impression that women are the one’s who take a lot of time getting ready for the office, you are perhaps not doing justice to the fairer siberian mink lashes manufacturer.

siberian mink lashes manufacturer
siberian mink lashes manufacturer

Ogioi Today’s metro sexual men devote around 51 minutes every day to personal grooming, which is a mere 4 minutes less than an average female. So folks! Quite an eye opener, isn’t it? Furthermore according to a survey, American men spend approximately US$ 10 billion on their looks, so men are really not behind their beautiful counterparts in taking care of their appearance and presentability.

A decade ago if you ever talked about this topic, people would just laugh and it would be quite a joke, but now the perception has changed and the reason behind this is that men now realize that siberian mink lashes manufacturer is not just done because women love doing it, but it is needed for a healthy skin. Applying makeup saves our skin from various problems like acne, scars and dark circles. Foundation or suncreen lotions save the skin from harsh UV rays of the sun and protect it from getting damaged.

But this does not mean that men can apply any product used by women. Many companies are now making products that are especially designed for men skin tone. Men’s skin is very different from women, it has larger pores and secretes up to 15% more oil than women’s skin. This means the chances of pollutants and dirt building up on the skin is more, so it is essential to regularly cleanse, tone and moisturize the siberian mink lashes manufacturer. Another factor is that due to regular shaving the skin gets rough and it needs more attention. Ideally cleanser or moisturizer containing alpha-hydroxy acid or lactic acid is best suited for men skin tone. If you can find moisturizers containing natural ingredients like algae and botanical extracts, it is much better as they can sooth and nourish your skin properly. A good moisturizer also conditions the beard and mustache, if you have them.

Protecting the skin from sun is also a basic requirement if you are really serious about skincare. Prolonged exposure can also lead to skin cancer. To prevent this, using a sunscreen having adequate amount of SPF is vital. A good sunscreen lotion protects the skin from the harsh rays of the sun that can damage the skin and cause wrinkles. It makes you look young and healthy.

Slowly men are becoming more and more aware of the need for proper skincare and siberian mink lashes manufacturer. They are now realizing the fact that if women’s skin can get damaged because of pollution and other environmental hazards, even their skin is prone to all that damage. It also needs as much protection and care as the skin of a woman. Even men want to hide those awful pimples, scars and dark circles for that perfect good look and bright face.

siberian mink lashes manufacturer
siberian mink lashes manufacturer

So Men!! If you want to look as siberian mink lashes manufacturer as Brad Pitt or George Clooney, and want your girlfriend to die over your looks, start taking care of your self. I assure you that, girls’ surely get impressed by men who are stylish and presentable.

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