So You Like a Guy & Don’t Know How to Attract Him? Here Are the Sure Shot Ways to Make Him Like You

One of the most frustrating and difficult things for a woman to do is to just wait by the sidelines for the guy she likes to make a move. Most of the time, the guy actually does like the girl but oftentimes, he gets quite uncertain on whether or not to make a move. In such cases, it’s better for the girl to intervene and make his life a bit easier. Here are some ways on how to attract a guy you like: mink lashes private label

Make Eye Contact

Guys like girls who are confident enough to look them in the eye and express through them what she’s actually mink lashes private label .

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mink lashes private label

Listen to What He Has to Say
Ogioi  If you like him, you would want to know what he likes and how he thinks, and you would be able to tell how a person thinks from the way he talks. Besides, a guy easily falls for women who listen to what they have to say-it makes him feel important.

Speak your mind
A guy likes a woman who has a mind of her own. Express your thoughts clearly but do not pretend to know something if you actually know nothing about the topic. Ask when you’re in doubt. A guy likes a woman who is not afraid to ask. But remember, to leave some parts of yourself as a mystery. Let him think about mink lashes private label .

Be Particular with Hygiene
There is nothing that would turn another person off than bad hygiene. You might be drop dead gorgeous but if you have bad breath or worse, bad odor, then you will have a hard time keeping the men you attract.

Dress Accordingly and Appropriately
Know when to dress up and when to dress down. Do not go to a casual dinner date wearing a long dress with sequins to boost! Remember that simplicity is the best and less is better. Most men like girls who are simple yet tasteful when it comes to dressing up and wearing makeup.

There is nothing more beautiful about a girl than her smile. When you smile, your face and your aura light up and these are your best weapons-use them well.

Flirt with Him
Use body language to send the message across that you like him. If you have to bat your eyelash, smile coyly, or touch him slightly, then do so. The goal is for you to get his attention without looking cheap or sluttish.

Be Genuinely Interested
Do not just talk about yourself. Men do not like women who are too self-centered.

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