Streamline Your Beauty Arsenal: The 5 Essentials

Most women today have an over-supply of makeup leftovers stuffed in the back of the bathroom drawer or in a spare makeup case in the bathroom closet. Those old eye shadow pallets with broken chunks of shadow may sit for months as the morning routine most often only involves a quick coat of mascara and some concealer if time allows. The world is a busy place and often times as women try to juggle breakfast, getting kids off to school and being at work on time, makeup can take a back seat. Well it is time to clean out that bathroom drawer and simplify makeup with five basic essentials to look fresh makeup eyelash company in qingdao.

makeup eyelash company in qingdao
makeup eyelash company in qingdao

Ogioi It is strongly recommended that old products be thrown out and replaced with fresh ones. It is possible to spread bacteria on the face with old unclean products, and this may cause acne or even a skin infection. Also wash any makeup brushes used regularly with baby shampoo as it is the most gentle cleanser makeup eyelash company in qingdao.

Start With The Right Foundation 
Make a trip to the local beauty store and purchase a new foundation that pairs well with skin type. If the foundation is to be used on aging skin, there are several different anti-aging makeup options that are good for the skin. If not, there are still many healthy skin options such as foundations with a built-in sunscreen, and others with vitamins that improve skin over time.

Define The Brow
Select a simple eyebrow pencil to contour the brow and frame the face. Some women do not like a brow pencil and feel the look is too harsh. The perfect alternative would be a brow palette that usually consists of a tinted brow wax and an angled brush with a brow powder for blending, and some even include tweezers for added convenience makeup eyelash company in qingdao.

Select The Right Blush
Search for a blush that works with skin tone. For fair skin, a peach or apricot colored blush is a flattering tone. For medium to olive toned skin, opt for amber or rose colors. Lastly, dark skin looks best in fuchsia or even a blush with a strong orange base. Also, it is best to apply blush with a large fluffy blush brush since the brushes provided in the pallets are usually less than desirable.

Shiny Lip Gloss 
Lip gloss is one of those products all women have. Select a smooth gloss with a bit of shine or even one with some sparkle. It is easy to brighten a day look with a glisten in the smile.

Bring Out The Eyes With Mascara
Mascara is the must-have beauty essential for all women everywhere. Mascara is an important final touch to complete a look. Even short, sparse makeup eyelash company in qingdao will benefit from a coat or two of mascara, and with an endless list of mascaras to choose from, there are always plenty to try.

These five beauty essentials will offer a complete look when there is little time to spare. Allow a few minutes in the morning and always leave the house looking fresh-faced and pulled together.

makeup eyelash company in qingdao
makeup eyelash company in qingdao

Tanya Loo is a fashion and beauty enthusiast. She writes makeup tips, from applying nail polish to cleaning make up brushes, and reviews some of her favorite makeup brands like Sleek   makeup eyelash company in qingdao

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