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Redness of the eye is a very ordinary sight. Red eye is not a distinct disease. The condition is really due to a diverse range of eye conditions. Some of these diseases are benign or self-limiting, and are easily treated. But others can be more harmful and could be sight-threatening if left unattended. On occasion, the disorder can be the first indicator of a more deep-seated systemic disease customized 3d silk lashes factory.

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Ogioi Red eye emerges when raging inflammation in some eye parts engorge the surrounding capillaries. Usually, these blood vessels are so fine they are not at all visible. But once they become swollen, the hair-thin vessels become more visible, imparting the red or pink colour to the eye.

Red eye conditions occur mostly because of conjunctivitis (infection in the conjunctiva, the mucous membrane bordering the inner side of the eyelid and the sclera) and episcleritis (infection in the tissue connecting the conjunctiva to the sclera, the white part of the eye). Diseases of the cornea, iris, and other parts of the eye may also give rise to red eye.

The more infrequent contributors to red eye include acute glaucoma, corneal ulcer (on the corneal surface caused by, for example, years of contact lens use and bacteria) and dendritic ulcer (a herpes simplex infection in the deeper layers of the cornea). Usually, red eye also carries some ache, and some discharge. These underlying diseases can progress into something very critical and lead to blindness.

In many cases, red eye can also give rise to dry eye symptoms. The dry eye experience may more likely be linked to conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis comes in two types: acute and chronic. Acute conjunctivitis arises from a bacterial infection, and is more often observed among young people. The significant symptoms of acute conjunctivitis are redness, irritation, and some pus pasting eyelids together upon waking up. Greater vigilance is needed if acute conjunctivitis occurs in adults, as a blocked tear duct can be an underlying cause, or an ingrown customized 3d silk lashes factory , or a free-floating customized 3d silk lashes factory that lands in the opening of the lachrymal glands.

The conjunctiva tends to get chronically inflamed and irritated over years of being exposed to the elements. Chronic conjunctivitis has the same key signs as acute conjunctivitis but less sticking of the eyelids, because of less discharge quantity. If an allergy is involved, you may suffer some itching.

Chronic conjunctivitis results in the steady accretion of minute beads of calcium salts within the mucous glands in the conjunctiva. The particles get into the eye from time to time, giving foreign body sensations. The chemical constituents may also change the composition of the tear film and cause dry eye.

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Rheumatoid arthritis patients who complain of red eye are also likely to suffer from dry eye disease. Red eye may also exist in those who have sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease in which immune cells coagulate together to create minute granules, causing all sorts of complications in the organs where they gather. When sarcoidosis hits your eye, you are likely to get blurred vision, high sensitivity to light and glare, and pain. Without treatment, chronic sarcoidosis in the eye can cause blindness.


Conjunctivitis has a limited cycle and normally dies off within 3 months. Antibiotics help to speed up the process. Your doctor may advise the use of topical antibiotic drops, to be applied every other hour, followed up with ointment before sleeping. This type of treatment plan runs about five days, and after the initial outbreak is under control, use of the eye drops can be reprogrammed to four times a day.

The dry eye symptoms felt together with conjunctivitis are often relieved by artificial tears and cyclosporine combined in a castor oil base. More critical conditions will need professional care and evaluation.


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