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The Truth About Parabens

Parabens are used as preservative agents and can be found in commonly used cosmetics such as shampoos, 3d mink fur lashes products, moisturizers, shaving gels, cleansing gels, lotions, personal lubricants, topical ointments, deodorants, colognes and toothpaste. Basically, a huge percentage of the products you buy for everyday use contain some form of paraben, so it can be a challenge to find products free of parabens.

3d mink fur lashes
3d mink fur lashes

Ogioi The debate is still hot in the scientific community and the conflicting studies are confusing the consumers. But since there is a good number of studies claiming that parabens pose a huge health risk by causing cancer and birth defects, the best thing to do is to take the utmost precaution and avoid all products containing 3d mink fur lashes.

Most high end cosmetics products, mineral 3d mink fur lashes products and natural-organic brands are free of parabens and other potentially hazardous chemical ingredients. It will be a while until the major national cosmetics brands catch up and stop using parabens in their product lines before there is a government regulation banning their use.

According to a number of studies, parabens can mimic the estrogen hormone, which is known to be a major cause of breast cancer and birth defects.

In the July 2002 issue of the Archives of Toxicology, Dr. S. Oishi of the Department of Toxicology, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health reported that the 3d mink fur lashes exposure adversely affects the secretion of testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system in the newborn male mammals. Another study published in 2004 (Darbre, in the Journal of Applied Toxicology) reported parabens in breast cancer tumors. We can assume that in addition to being suspected carcinogens, parabens may adversely affect the human fetus or nursing infants, causing reproductive problems and increasing the cancer risk.

3d mink fur lashes
3d mink fur lashes

Many reputable cosmetics 3d mink fur lashes are abandoning the use of this dangerous preservative group and switching to more natural product lines using natural preservatives instead of the petroleum derivatives and parabens. I recommend going for organic cosmetics products to avoid the health risks associated with the hazardous chemical preservatives.

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